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Thank You!

We wanted to extend our sincere thanks to the music fans of Richmond for your overwhelming support of the 5th Annual Richmond Bluegrass Marathon Jam and The Richmond Fisher House. By all measures, this year’s Jam was the best ever and we hope you all had a great time on this amazing day!

The annual Richmond Bluegrass Marathon Jam has become a local music tradition. Here are some highlights from the 5th annual, just to give you a glimpse of what this event has become...

  • The Jam was very busy with smiling faces from as early as 10am and continuing well past midnight. Every corner of the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, both inside and outside, was full of music and families enjoying the day.
  • On three stages throughout the day and night we had twenty-eight local bands volunteering their time and talents and playing their hearts out for the cause and the fans.
  • There were impromptu jam sessions popping up all over the venue with music-lovers gathering around to listen to new friends making toe-tapping music.
  • We estimated the total attendance throughout the day to be just over 5,000 people. This was almost triple the attendance from last year’s event!
  • We had great media coverage before, during and after the event. There was publicity online, in print, on the radio and on TV talking about the event and the generous donation to the cause.
  • The community rallied around us, as we had support from many local businesses and well over 175 volunteers!

The financial results were the most rewarding part of the day. As you know, our goal is to raise money to support military families that need help as they are visiting their soldiers and veterans who are recuperating at McGuire Medical Center here in Richmond. We are proud to share that we handed over to The Richmond Fisher House a donation in the amount of $27,000! This more than doubles our donation from the previous year and makes our five-year total donation a whopping $64,000!

We are proud of our community and this event, and we are sincerely grateful for your generous support!

We’ll see you next year on February 21, 2015 for the 6th Annual Richmond Bluegrass Marathon Jam as we continue this growing Richmond tradition.

Spread the word and bring your music-loving friends!
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